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Welcome to Palatial Thought.

A dumping ground of art and fanfiction by frozenfoxfire .

How to use this journal:

-Check the tags. All the warnings you need to know about are in there. If you don't like slash, watch out for the warning: slash tag.
-If you have a request, post it here. Specify fandom, characters, fic or art, etc etc. Everything I'd need to know.

No stealing my works.
Characters are copyright to their respectful owners.
No art/fic here is used for profit.


The Official Master List (if you know the title, you can find it easier. :3)
Keep in mind the cuts on the art are going to be a little wonky, and yes, there are posts with up to four pieces in them from different fandoms. I tried to make it as easy as I could. :/ You may have to scroll up to see the right one, especially for the Scaly!hinder pics.

Note: Any fic with a * next to it is part of my mission_insane undertaking, and will have its prompt and table listed for those curious. The Master Table can be found here, along with the tables I've picked and the prompts that have been filled.

The Official Master List of Palatial ThoughtCollapse )

Fic: Simple Touch

Title: Simple Touch
Author: frozenfoxfire
Rating: R
Wordcount: 380
X-posted: mission_insane & lukexsylar
Warnings: Character death, cursing, underage, slash - mentions of sex but nothing graphic
Spoilers: s3.
Summary: He’s obsessed with intimate touches, though he’s too timid to ask for them.
A/N: Thanks to red_in_leather for betaing!

He's fascinated with kisses.Collapse )

Massive Art Dump, Part 3

The entire thing all told is going to have Heroes, Sandman, Shakespeare and Phoenix Wright art, though this post only has Heroes stuff in it.

Pic 1:
Dream of the Endless, shoofing out of the ground from shadow or some shit. XD G
Pic 1 - this one makes me lolCollapse )

Pic 2:
Dream of the Endless ... looking... cool. IDK. Same basic bottom half as the pic above, so I didn't scan it in. I love his face here. G.
2Collapse )
Full pic here.
Pic 3:
Yet another Dream of the Endless pic. This time he's lookin royally pissed. :D G.
3Collapse )

Pic 4:
Dean Winchester, from SPN.
4Collapse )

A request!gift for tiptoe39 - It's supposed to be Matt!Mo. :3 If you'd like a redraw, dear, just ask. <3 PG
5Collapse )

Sorry about the gray filter - the scanner. *shrug*


Massive Art Dump, Part 2

The entire thing all told is going to have Heroes, Sandman, Shakespeare and Phoenix Wright art, though this post only has Heroes stuff in it.

Pic 1:
5YG!Gabriel, from a story/series I'm working on. :3 G
Pic 1Collapse )

Pic 2:
Gabriel again, but s1, after either The Hard Part or Six Months Ago. I can't decide. G?
2Collapse )

Pic 3:
Miles Edgeworth, enjoying a cup of tea and looking quite fine in a black turtleneck. Part 1 of 2 of a request made by lightningrapier . Note the tiny Phoenix. :3 G
3Collapse )

Pic 4:
Another Edgeworth, this time getting shot. >.>' I wanted to draw hair in motion and his suit. Not sure why he's getting shot. Maybe because I couldn't think of a better explanation for that pose? :/ Part 2 of 2 of a request for lightningrapier - PG
4Collapse )

Pic 5:
Puck, from Midsummer's Night Dream. :D What's cool about this is the next set has a bunch of Dream pics, from The Sandman, and in Sandman canon Midsummer's Night Dream and The Tempest were plays written by Shakespeare for Dream. :D!!
5Collapse )

Sorry about the gray quality - the scanner. *shrug*


Massive Art Dump, Part 1

The entire thing all told is going to have Heroes, Sandman, Shakespeare and Phoenix Wright art, though this post only has Heroes stuff in it.

Pic 1:
Just a body study I did, really quick. Mohinder. PG?
Pic 1Collapse )

Pic 2:
Mohinder, bleeding for no apparent reason. Who knows why I drew this. >.>''' The anatomy's not bad though and I really like his face, so I thought I'd post it. PG13?
Pic 2 ;-;Collapse )

Pic 3:
Mohinder squid for someone special. Based of the art style of someone I looove on dA. <3 XD''
Pic 3 XDCollapse )

Pic 4:
demon!Sylar. PG
Pic 4Collapse )

Pic 5:
Sylar/Gabriel, wrapped in a flag or something I guess, with more body hair than I've ever drawn ever. 5YG inspired. I really don't like it but I love Gabriel's face, so *shrug* -PG
Pic 5Collapse )

Sorry about the gray tones - the scanner. *shrug*

Caught on the wings of an angel.

A quick Luke/Sylar sketch I did for moorishflower  - although I'm not participating in the Heroes Exchange CEO thing, I have been looking at all the prompts, and hers inspired me to draw this. :3

Really, really fast sketch, and not really all that good, imho.

Rating: G.

Cut for big picture.Collapse )

See the full pic here.

Fic: Change

Title: Change
Author: frozenfoxfire 
Rating: R
Word Count: around 1990
Prompt/Table: Change; Angst - Master Table and List of Tables found here.
X-posted: hopefully soon @ mission_insane 
Warnings: Mentions of fighting, violence, forced oral and death.
Pairing: Sylar/Luke, Gabriel/Luke
Spoilers: s1, s3.
Summary: Luke Campbell's life is nothing short of hectic.
A/N: Takes place through 5YG. Thanks tons to evil15smiles and chizzaroo for looking it over for me.

They all three look so happyCollapse )

Fic: Broken

Title: Broken
Author: frozenfoxfire 
Rating: NC-17
Word count: Somewhere around 1700.
Prompt/Table: Broom closet; Places - Master Table and List of Tables found here.
Crossposted: maybe mission_insane 
Warnings: Violence and cursing. Angry/hate!bj. Nothing too bad.
Spoilers: s3.
Summary: To tell the truth, he doesn’t care about the information, or whatever sick little experiments Arthur’s condoning down here, he just takes more pleasure out of watching Suresh squirm and flinch at his mere presence than he has out of anything for a good goddamn long time, and he’s going to milk it for all it’s worth.
A/N: Thanks tons to my beta, evil15smiles - and to citiesfalling and chizzaroo for reading it through for style purposes. :3 You three ladies are awesome. Still not sure about the actual way this one is written, so feel free to chirp up if it's confusing. :3

But he’s never seen that, never tasted that certain victory.Collapse )

Ficlet: Three Minutes

Title: Three Minutes
Author: frozenfoxfire 
Rating: G (gasp)
Prompt/Table: Maple syrup - Unthemed Table One - Master Table and List of Tables found here.
X-Posted @: hopefully soon, mission_insane 
Summary: Mohinder remembers how his microwave exploded.
A/N: Tons of thanks to the wonderful etoile_dunord for betaing this. :3



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